The research underlying the idea of mapping information landscapes is focused on three key workplace features:

  1. Shifting professional relationships in the light of organisational change;
  2. How changed and changing relationships, between staff and their ‘information landscapes’ can be mapped, and understood over time;
  3. The extent to which staff feel motivated to contribute positively, and take ownership of change, rather than feel alienated or disempowered.

Sub-pages explore more detail about the project’s links with ideas of:

Initial findings can be found in:

  • Whitworth, A., Torras I Calvo, M., Moss, B., Kifle, N. A. & Blåsternes, T. (2014) ‘Changing Libraries: Facilitating Self-Reflection and Action Research on Organizational Change in Academic Libraries’ New Review of Academic Librarianship 20 pp.251–274 (download via open access)

Also see this poster from the ISIC 2014 conference (Leeds, UK).

Poster for ISIC 2014 ISIC_sep_2014_poster