Høgskolen i Bergen

HiB_libraryIn 2011, Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College) announced plans to merge four of its five campuses around the city into one new location, a purpose-built campus at Kronstad. While being a positive move for the College, this also gave rise to huge challenges. The move was not just a logistical and physical one, but involved the reorganisation of many aspects of Høgskolen’s work including roles and responsibilities and the altering of social networks. In short there was a need not just to react to the change but to ‘make’ it — to learn about its implications, integrate the change with ongoing everyday tasks and manage the whole process.

The project team worked closely with the Bibliotek (library) of the College from summer 2013 until the move into the new library (pictured above) and its official opening in September 2014, running six mapping sessions over the year.

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